Thursday, May 17, 2007

When the husband's away...

No meat need be served!

I was wandering through Wegman's this morning after my third 12-hour night shift (Note to self: Don't shop then. Healthy decisions are NOT made in the wee small hours of the morning), and I came across the garlic butter spread that they make and sell right near the other butter and margarine choices. And I started thinking about how it would make a nice white pizza.

One tub of garlic butter spread, one can of Pillsbury pizza crust dough, and one bag of Sargento's light four-cheese Italian mixture later, and we have this:

Healthy? Not really. But at least I don't use the whole milk mozzarella! And it will be perfect to sit in front of the TV with as I watch The Office season finale on my DVR. And that will start...NOW!

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Anne said...

This is so funny...hubby was working nights last week and I said to my older girls "We can have whatever we want! I can even make CASSEROLES." LOL

We didn't make casseroles, but we did eat way more veggies than when daddy is home.